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Hypothetically, could alcohol be used as medication for social anxiety? Why or why not?

Could someone with social anxiety drink small amounts of alcohol throughout the day, for example half a shot 4 times a day, to lessen the anxiety? You could argue that alcohol is bad for your liver but aren't other anxiety medications or antidepressants also bad for your liver? Another argument could be that you build tolerance over time, but the same thing happens with medication. If you made sure to not drink enough to become drowsy or anything like that, why is it not done? How is it any worse than anti-anxiety meds or antidepressants? You could keep a breathalizer on you to make sure your blood alcohol never goes above a certain limit.

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    Since when are anti anxiety and antidepressants harmful to your liver?

    It's obvious, that you choose to self medicate with alcohol and you do it four times a day.  And whenever you go out, people can smell it on you in public....you smell like an alcoholic no matter how well you think you are disguising it.

    You just want to drink.

    And drinking alcohol exacerbates and contributes to depression.

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    My impression is that the amount of alcohol necessary to  make a significant impact on someone's social anxiety would be very harmful. You can talk about the long-term side effects of SSRIs with your doctor. Statistics show that most patients with anxiety do better with therapy (CBT) and that some even do better with self-help based on CBT. 

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