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chem question?

A blacksmith quenches a horseshoe by dropping it in a water barrel. How much heat is lost to the water in the barrel as the 2.1 lb iron horseshoe cools from 1200℃ to 30℃. The specific heat of iron is 0.449 J/gC.

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    This question requires the formula q=mcT

    q= amount of heat lost/gained (what we are solving for)

    m= mass (in grams)

    c= specific heat

    and t= change in temperature (final temp - initial temp)

    the mass of the horseshoe needs to be changed to grams first. (2.1 lbs is equal to 952.544 grams.)

    then, we can plug the numbers into the equation.

    X = (952.544 grams)(.449 J/gC)(30-1200 C)

    X= -500399.9 Joules

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