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What are my chances of getting HIV if my partner didn’t put on a condom until after he tried to insert his penis into my vagina?

Once I felt him try to put his penis in, I told him to take it out and put on a condom. He did not ejaculate until after the condom was on. 

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    There's a small chance if his positive, if bodily fluids such as precum or blood were exchanged then you can become infected even if he didn't ejaculate, cuts or sores on his penis could also raise the chances. If you're really worried about it you can see a doctor about taking PEP, it's an HIV prevention drug that you take for 30 days, but it has to be started within 3 days of exposure.

    If you're sure his positive or that he has unprotected sex with other people you should absolutely consider taking pep.

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    If your partner is positive there's a great chance, if negative, no chance.

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    If he doesn't have HIV, no chance.

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    does he have hiv

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    Has he tested positive? I'd say if he didn't ejaculate during that time zero, if he did ejaculate unless he is at risk almost zero.

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    Approximately 50%.

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    3 weeks ago

    that would be zero

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    0% if he is HIV negative.

    You both have been previously tested... right?

    People who are sexually active should have STD and HIV tests performed regularly, especially if this is a new relationship OR multiple partners are involved.

    You both should always know your status.

    For the record, there needs to be an exchange of bodily fluids to transmit HIV. If he did not ejaculate or if pre-ejaculate wasn't present your chances of getting it are slim, OR as previously stated... zero if he is not infected.

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