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Am i pregnant?

I have been having protected sex with my boyfriend probably about 1-2 times a month. lately my breasts have been feeling very tender, i’ve been just feeling off. so i decided to take a pregnancy test maybe a week before my expected period. it came out positive? or negative? i don’t know the line is so faint you can barley see it but it’s there. i looked it up and it says i am pregnant but then i took another test the day of my expected period and it came out negative. then i took another test 2 days after my expected period (so now my period was late 2 days) and it also came out negative. my period still hasn’t came and that test really alarmed me. am i pregnant? i’m going to take another test maybe in a week or so because maybe it’s too early to take one idk plz helppp!!!

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    Seriously?  That's negative.  The line from a positive test would look just like the control line.  It isn't guess work.  

    Why, oh why, would you take a pregnancy test before you miss a period?  If you were pregnant, there would not be enough HCG in your urine to show as a positive result.  

    If you've been having protected sex and you haven't missed a period, the chances that you'd be pregnant are extremely low.  There are a lot of other reasons for feeling "off."  Relax, stop testing, wait for your period. 

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