ffs out of the Carabao Cup again and against Arsenal, so fecking annoying ?

we should have made light work of this arsenal team.


we have the fa cup to go for still.

what a big shame to go out so soon and like this.


Congratulations Arsenal.

I hope they go on and win the Cup, Arteta is doing well there as manager.

Update 2:

lol @ Indian Guy

yeah i hope you get them.  good luck if you do,  hope you beat them and knock em out of the competition lol

Update 3:

@ August - " I am sure that you won't be crying in your beer Aces as you have always classified it as Mickey Mouse. "

bulls**t Mr Han Man ! ^_^


i never fecking ever in my life or on here ever classified the League cup as mickey mouse,  thats what our rivals used to call it when we were winning it.

in our pomp,  in the 80s,  we use to win that regularly along with the league title and european cup or w/e was on offer.

To reach a domestic cup final and win it,  is an achievement!

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    Cuts down on fixture congestion. The priorities are the league and 'ol big ears.

  • August
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    3 weeks ago

    I am sure that you won't be crying in your beer Aces as you have always classified it as Mickey Mouse. But should the season be curtailed,the winners will have at least gained entry into Europe. Invincibles-nah not anymore. Move over Liverpool 

  • 3 weeks ago

    Getting down to Last 16 in 92 team comp early.(You've been spoiled unlike 95% of Football Followers).

    Anyway the League Cup as always been a bit 'Mickey Mouse' even Blackburn have won it.(Yes Spurs 2002 it was when your away strip was a copy of our home kit and you had to produce a one off yellow third kit bringing in the 3rd kit rule I bet that kit is worth something now Ha)

    But not as 'Mickey Mouse' as the Full Members Cup(another Blackburn honour Ha) and the Anglo-Italian Cup now both defunct would anyone really care if the League/Carabao went the same way.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Hope we get them in the next round, we all know Mourinho will destroy Arsenal as usual. 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Minamino came so close to winning it as well, Arsenal played better in the league game honestly.

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