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25 Years Ago the Washington Redskins defeated the Dallas Cowboys 27-23, why have the Redskins become so unsuccessful since?

I watched from a Marlo Furniture Store in Springfield, VA with my mother and my brother. It was on the TV screens there. The following week my Dad and I went to the Pope's Mass in Baltimore, MD and that afternoon we heard as we returned from the Mass that afternoon that the Redskins had just lost to the Philadelphia Eagles. Ever since then I have seen, loss after loss after loss. They did win October 22, 1995 that year as I went with my grandfather who I stayed with for the weekend while my Dad and brother were at Notre Dame for a visit and my younger sibs were with my Mom somewhere I didn't want to go (their friends' families farm in Huntly, VA). After that weekend it was 1999 before I went to another Redskins game. That was the "Opening Game Nightmare" game on September 12, 1999. They did get to the playoffs and defeated the Detroit Lions on January 8, 2000 and I went with my Dad and grandfather to the game. My older half-brother also came. 


So my question is why have the Redskins become so unsuccessful ever since this game 25 years ago today when they had their incredible victory over the Dallas Cowboys? Anyone know why? 

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    I have been a Washington fan since the early to mid 1970s. Yes the glory years are long gone and just a memory. There are several reasons for the demise and downfall of the organization. They have not had steady consistent quarterback play long term since Joe Thiesmann and his last season was 1985. They have had a few flashes in the pan who were good for a few seasons Doug Williams and Mark Rypien. When Joe Gibbs left after the 1992 season it has been all downhill. Also they have not gotten a head coach who has had a positive impact or more so a winning record. There is no stability with quarterbacks and head coaches coming and going. Yes and then Dan Snyder purchasing the team in 1999 was the nail in the coffin. They started going downhill even more quickly. 

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    They have no clue of how to pick a qb for one thing. They have had dozens of failures over the decades.

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    The Washington Team Football (WTF) has actually stunk since Joe Gibbs retired after the 1992 season.  Gibbs claimed he retired because he was overworked and fatigued, but he immediately went to work building his NASCAR team.  Gibbs left because he knew he had an aging team that was about to fall apart and he didn't have the energy to rebuild.  

    Shortly after Gibbs retired, the team had a mediocre GM in Charley Casserly and a mediocre coach in Norv Turner.  Then, before those two sucked long enough to be fired, Jack Kent Cooke died.  This meant that the three most important positions in the team that lead to it's rise, owner, GM, and coach - they had all moved on.  The GM that built the WTF was Bobby Beathard, not Casserly.  Casserly was his replacement.

    Once Cooke died, his son ran the team while the team's estate sought to sell the club.  Cooke, like a lot of rich people, tried to give the team to his son in a sneaky way that would reduce the tax burden.  But that mean a trust was going to sell the team to his son.  But the people running the trust took their charitable mission seriously instead of recognizing it as a tax dodge.  So instead of selling to John Cooke, Jack's son, they sold to Daniel Snyder.

    Dan Snyder is possibly the worst owner in the history of professional sports.  I AM NOT EXAGERRATING.  He has an amazing mix of incompetence at everything he does (except the direct marketing business that made him wealthy...and that was more about luck and market timing than entrepreneurial skill), mixed with the arrogance to never recognize or admit that he is incompetent.

    Snyder's crimes against sport are legion and are WAYYY too numerous to recount here.  Find a wiki article or a blog article that recounts them.  Seriously, barely a year has passed in the 20 years since he bought the team that some kind of scandal or embarrassment hasn't emerged from Snyder.  

    It's possible (though not likely) that the other NFL owners MAY finally be about done with him.  The Beth Wilkinson investigation, it has been suggested by observers, may be about finding a pretext to justify his ouster.  Wilkinson was not selected by Snyder...she was selected by the NFL office.  Snyder announced her investigation like it was his idea, but reports since have made clear that Goodell told him to hire her, and since then the NFL has taken explicit oversight away from Snyder....which he again tried to spin as being his idea.  

    Why would the owners want him out you might wonder?  Because Washington DC is a MAJOR media market, and the area is home to several of the richest counties in America.  There's BIG MONEY here, and Snyder has strangled and suffocated that revenue stream through his incompetence.  Local football fans are tuning out.

    The irony is that within the last year, Snyder has actually hired a competent coach who appears to actually have all the power in the organization (Ron Rivera), a team president with actual business skill and who is not a sleazeball crony (Jason Wright), and a team communications official who is widely respected (Julie Donaldson).  The result is that Snyder may finally be reforming his ways.  It simply may be too little, too late.

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