He double checked our plans twice? ?

I already said we were getting together today twice. Why ask a third? He acted upset. My belief is he was hoping I’d say no and had another girl on the line too 

2 Answers

  • 3 weeks ago

    This is your 261st reply.  What advice are you seeking?  You didn't explain things well enough to enable us to give you a reply , in any case. Your friend was making sure of the arrangement and maybe he was anxious, you'd have to ask him.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Tbh i think the anticipation was just getting to him, which was what was causing him to act like a goof. Guys are known to do that, especially if they really feel something towards the girl. Like for instance his inner dialogue might keep questioning does this girl really like me? How did I get so lucky/what did I do to deserve to find a girl like this? This girl is a dream come true I still can't believe this is real. That might be why he keeps asking, hes still trying to figure out for himself why you would give someone like him a chance. He keeps thinking youll come to your senses and give him the same treatment that others girls have given him. Or maybe hes just dealt with a lot of girls who have cancelled on him which is why he doesnt want to make a fool of himself, being stood up again. Maybe give him a spook and ask him why do you keep asking do you really think I wouldnt date a guy like you?

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