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When was the infrastructure in the US (e.g. roads,highways) at its best in terms of maintenance(when did the US spend the most money on it)?

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    I would say the highest spending as a percentage of domestic GDP on the Interstate Highway System was probably between 1956 when the "Federal Aid Highway Act" was adopted and roughly 1984 when President Reagan had drastically cut most Federal spending, although the highway system was officially completed in 1992.  The first Federal funding of road construction was through the "Federal Aid Road Act of 1916".

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    They spend the most money on it now. It was probably in the best shape in the 50s when the interstates were new.

  • Anonymous
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    1936 prolly? I remember rolling with the highways kicking with the sun..

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    All in all, it was at it's best when built.

    Legislators love to open new roads and facilities, because they can use them for photo ops, for electoral purposes.

    But, it's tough to use fixing broken things that way.

    US infrastructure is crumbling, and it needs lots of money to fix it: Civil engineer group

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