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How do I tell my mom I broke my phone again?!?

 So today it accidently fell into the sink which had water while I was washing my hands, and then I tried to turn it on but it shut down and completely stopped working. I broke my other 2 phones before the SAME way. I know I am stupid for doing this again but how exactly can I tell her I broke my phone again? She will be beyond mad because the phone wasn't bought that long ago too. And please don't say the obvious like just tell her because I need something better to say so she won't be as mad. 

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    Just tell her.  But sorry.  Sounds like a case of 3 strikes and you're out.  Figure out a way to pay for the next phone yourself;  but maybe you just aren't yet mature enough to have your own phone. 

    One way to avoid this happening again is to have a hard and fast rule:  no phone in the bathroom (or kitchen.)  Just leave it somewhere else when you go into either of those 2 rooms. 

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    4 weeks ago

    What Dr. Stephanie said. This time around you should be paying for a new phone, not her. It's not her fault you have been irresponsible with your phone a third time. The first was an honest mistake. Sh*t happens. The second is questionable. Third time? It's a clear indication you are irresponsible and don't take care of your things. If your mom is smart she will not buy you another phone. Nothing you say or do will prevent her from being mad. If I were her I'd be mad too.

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    Tell her you will pay for it out of your hard earned allowance. Do not expect her to get you still another one,kiddo.  When you are older and more careful with your things, you can then buy your own, with your own hard earned cash.  If she does buy you another one, and I hope she doesn't, she'll be contributing to your continued irresponsiblity and will not be teaching you anything.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Children don't need cell phones.  

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