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is it possible to have adhd without genetics/premature birth?

i havent really been able to do anything but research adhd for the past week and it’s kind of alarming how many symptoms i’ve experienced since i was a kid. i have an assessment scheduled next wednesday, but i’m worried that i just won’t get diagnosed since there’s no real hereditary proof. 

neither of my parents are diagnosed (i’d considered my dad showing symptoms but he literally works an office job 12 hours everyday and doesn’t get tired so i’m not sure it’s likely. my mom has ocd but i don’t know if that can really cause adhd in offspring), and i don’t count as a premature birth because i was only 8 days early. as far as i’m aware my mom never smoked before i was born (or maybe she just hasn’t told me bc she’s been smoking since i was a kid, but it usually wasnt around me). 

i feel like i could just be overexaggerating or making things up because i don’t have any concrete proof anyone in my family could’ve influenced it.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    ADHD is a neurological diagnosis and people are usually born with a brain malformation.

    As you grow, so does your skull and brain grow also and thus you can outgrow the condition of ADHD and ADD.  Some people have it for life, though.  And don't forget, for every disease there are degrees of severity.  Your case may be mild or acute but the medical assessment can tell you.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Mis diagnosis. Researching wrecklessly without any knowledge or commonsense will just create ANXIETY. drop it. Let it go. 

    If really interested go to actual psychologist. NOT a psychiatrist (major difference is medication vs therapy)

    Do you hear voices others don't hear. (true answer is YES. MOST will answer NO in fear of being outcasted. Voices are your thoughts. You just need to be able to know the difference between your mind and environment)

    next question. Racing or repeated thoughts. (how obsessed are you with that topic. Will/can it harm you or others) 

    Are you religious. Religion is borderline crazy. But it is accepted due to being easiest way to pass down knowledge generation-to-generation. Bible has a story of everything. (you talking to GOD is normal) (GOD talking to you is psychosis) (no pork = swine carried diseases which killed many of that time. Eaten raw, cooked improperly. They written into religion banned it to preserve life... Many other examples)

    Everyone has everything, to some degree. (we as humans need to label/categorize everything, OCD rationalization)

    Add/adhd = how well are you able to focus your mind...

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