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Should 'undocumented immigrants' get free healthcare in the US? Should we pay for that? ?


- Joe Biden, when asked if he would include illegals in a universal healthcare plan, showed full support for it.

- Is that good? For you and your family to pay for?

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  • Ana X
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    4 weeks ago

    Remember that for Marxists the economic funds of the state are infinite and you can always increase taxes more. This is how they destroy countries.

  • Nope. I already pay more for my healthcare plan and I'm single. This is why I voted

    for Trump last election and will be voting for him again. As much as I dislike Trump I 

    can't stand democrat's and giving everything away for free. 

    This is why the 16th amendment needs to be eliminated. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    I bet you so called republicans couldn't even pass the U.S Citizenship test.  

    Honestly I have been a republican for 32 years, born and raised in Denison, TX and have lived through 9 presidents.  

    I have never once worried about these invisible enemies that don't exist coming to 'suppress' me, 'take my job' or whatever harebrained fearmongering this little cult of juvenile putrid vile maggots that took over my political party comes up with hiding under their beds at night.

    You don't want to pay for the healthcare of non-citizen immigrants, then stop wasting our economy making it impossible for immigrants to become citizens.  That orange clown with his $11 billion worthless wall and detention center that may as well have come out of Night by Elie Wiesel.  In my view Dwight D. Eisenhower would be ashamed at how low the republican party has fallen, in my honest opinion Donald J. Trump is the worst elected official in over 91 years which is why much like more and more actual republicans like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mitt Romney I'll be voting for Joe Biden in November.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Fine, don't pay for it and let them spread dieses that would have been stopped if you just gave them the healthcare.

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