Is anyone having dropped calls with Cricket?

Until yesterday, I wasn't having dropped calls. My internet and texting works, but my calls drop. I have perfect signal and I pay the bill, but the same thing occurs. The only way I was able to call anyone was through hangouts or Facebook messenger. Does anyone know what's going on with them?


To fix this problem, I had to factory reset my phone. I don't know why I had to go that route. Can low ram affect it?

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    Could be any number of issues. This is not uncommon for all carriers to have several customers that get random dropped calls, when they have not had dropped calls before in the locations they are now experiencing dropped calls in. 

    Could be tower maintenance, tower upgrades or even extra transient traffic, through the towers in the areas. 


    Sometimes powering the phone off, and back on may clear up sudden issues that are not related to maintenance or software/hardware upgrades. Often times 24 to 48 hours, issues clear up on their own, as suddenly as they popped up. 

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