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T or F - - the attack in New York the other day on actor Rick Moranis was nothing short of a Black on White deliberate racist hate crime.?

It wasn't a robbery; the two individuals didn't know each other and no words were exchanged. Why won't the Mainstream media call it out for what it was; A COWARDLY and RACIST HATE CRIME perpetrated by a person of color on a 67 year old white man who had no chance to defend himself.

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    When I first heard about this incident, I of course knew is was a Black male perpetrator. Why? Need you ask? Deliberate racist crime? This sort of racial attack happen daily ALL OVER THE US. 

    Media: "Nothing to see here. Move along"

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    Because the media is controlled by Anti-American Globalists.  

    The Media is not interested in what’s right or wrong, or what’s good or bad.  

    They only need us Americans to be divided so they can destroy America from within. 

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    nice, you can't even just walk down the street.

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