need a new job - risk losing permanent position, what should I do? uk?

I am in a dead end flexi contract job in retail. The customer service roll is taking effect on my mental wellbeing due to unbelievable customers and very bad management; with the odd toxic member of staff and bullying / picking on staff from management which I consistently have to raise to resolve. I can't leave because of commitments, obviously, but if I search for a new job, of similar, maybe more money and a better working environment, they usually begin as temps before becoming a permanent position. I respect the procedures and fairness of proving yourself in the role; however how am I supposed to get out, get a better position, without becoming completely jobless and in an even worse position before I began if some places choose not to hire me?  I understand, but they would be leaving me in a worse position than if I left my current. Is there a way I could stress this point in interviews or is this life and everyones problem and something I just have to cope with? the most I could stretch is 4-5 months; but as is obvious, being jobless.. is not good..


also effecting how i treat people in public and being more closed off to myself unless my close family and friends who i talk to about it all the time and receive advice from but its very hard. been in this position five years nov '15 to nov '20 coming up.

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