Moving from LA to Gig Harbor: Is the weather always cloudy and rainy?

We are strongly considering moving from Los Angeles to Gig Harbor and are wondering about the weather. Is it always cloudy or raining? I know Seattle has a reputation for always raining, but we’ve heard Gig Harbor has a little more of a temperate climate than Seattle, is that true? And are the “cloudy days” completely sunless or does it come out for a little bit? 

Any positives or negatives to living in Gig Harbor?! Thanks everyone!!!

PS: We have been monitoring the weather ourselves, but if it’s anything like the forecasts here, they are generally off by 5-15 degrees and don’t account for the sun coming out occasionally, or say that it’s currently partly cloudy where we live when there isn’t a cloud in the sky... just want to hear straight from the source! 

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  • 3 months ago
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    No, it isn't always cloudy and rainy, but it will be one or the other much of the time from now till May. Through June, July, and August, on the other hand, it barely rains at all in most summers.  There's no real difference between there and Seattle for weather. It can rain lightly and be cloudy for days, it can rain heavily from time to time, and especially in spring it can alternate all day long between raining/cloudy and sunny.  I don't live there, but I live in the same climate.

    I don't know what weather sites you're looking at, but I like this one:

    It's usually quite accurate as to the timing of weather events, shows a lot of info including cloud cover, and you can play with the settings a bit.

  • 3 months ago

    Thanks guys! That helps! I definitely don’t mind colder weather and rain, I’m mostly just worried about never seeing the sun for very long stretches of time!

  • 3 months ago

    It won't be as sunny as Southern California, that's for sure.

    You can monitor the weather live by using a live cam - looks sunny there today.

    The Pacific NW has a lot of overcast days and a lot of "misty" days, but not nearly as much rain as you'd think.   Seattle weather is essentially identical to Gig Harbor, so any statistics you look up for Seattle will be similar in Gig Harbor.  When the sun does come, especially in Gig Harbor, it's glorious.  When Mount Rainer is visible, it's framed by the mouth of the harbor, absolutely stunning view.

    I lived in Gig Harbor in the 1980s, I quite liked it.  I'm sure its changed a lot in the last 40ish years.

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