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Can walking ur horse on soybean stalks injure their feet?

I think they can I just need to be curtain so I can tell my friend not to do it anymore.

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    Soybeans are very soft, even when they are dried. I grew up in the Midwest, and I used to ride my horse around the soybean fields after the plants were cut in the fall quite often. I never had a problem with my horse going lame from that, because the plants are so soft. Corn stubble is more of an issue, because it is spiky and hard. But since most farmers generally plant winter wheat after they cut the corn, riding in the fields is not a smart thing to do anyway. Almost all farmers in the Midwest typically follow the corn-wheat-beans-corn-wheat-beans rotation with their fields. This year's corn fields will be next summer's wheat and bean fields. The bean fields from this year will be planted with corn next spring, and so forth. It's an eternal cycle that never ends. There are some farmers, however, who will break this cycle and plant something like alfalfa hay as a cover crop in alternate years- or they'll plant pumpkins, oats, barley, or sorghum. You see this more commonly in the Mid-Atlantic states and occasionally in New England.

    I wouldn't tell your friend to stay out of the fields. I'd let the farmer who owns the place do that.

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