Robert asked in PetsHorses · 2 months ago

What are the 10 heaviest breeds of pony?

What are the 10 heaviest breeds of pony. is there be really wide pony below 14.2 hands front to back that could weigh 1000-1300 pound or if so what would they look like (pictures if available)

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  • Snezzy
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    You'll be wanting a Haflinger, most likely. They are a draught horse used in the mountains of Austria. Take a 2300-pound Belgian and put it through the laundry on the hot cycle so it shrinks to 1000 pounds. That's a Haflinger.

    With a draught you'll need to make sure the animal has good training, because they can easily out-muscle you. You can't just push them into place like you can with a little 10-hh pony.

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