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Why do modern movies suck so bad?

I am not a historian in movies by any means, but it seems like most movies today are total crap. I love movies and there are some great ones, but the ones that really do well are terrible. I love to go to people's houses and see how they decorate and what they like to collect. I almost always see people's movie collection with nothing but action and "young adult" comedies. I was reading a biography of Gustav Flaubert today on why he hated the newspaper, and it seemed eerily similar as to why I hate modern movies, and media in general. I feel the psychic milieu of the most recent generations are becoming more and more degraded, not in a way that is unique to this generation, but in a tapping into an inherent weakness of disposition that is inborn in all humanity, past and present. Is the zeitgeist we are consuming/creating in most modern movies lowering our potential,  have popular movies always had a disposition towards mental impotence, or are neither correct?

My roommate was watching the dodgeball movie and I had to walk away. I know there is some kind of lesson that is learned in all movies, but I feel these types of movies don't satisfy something that I wish they would. they make me feel as if my intelligence is being taken advantage of in a way. My roommate asked me why I didn't like these movies, but i can feel what I want to say, but do not have the words for it. Help me out or tell me why I'm wrong.

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    It's easy to think that movies/books/television/songs/etc today are yuk compared to what was produced before. A big culprit here is that the only stuff from before that's being compared to is the stuff that's been remembered or continued to survive. All the junk stuff from prior generations didn't survive (because it was junk), so the impression is that all the artistic creations from before were really good.

    Go on the internet and watch an episode of Gilligan's Island. That's what comedy shows in the 1960's were like. That was a prime time television series. Then compare that to the run-of-the-mill comedies from television now.

    Next, go watch some Disney comedy from the 1960's (e.g. The Love Bug, That Darned Cat, etc) and compare to the comedies of today.

    Pretty much anyone's collection of movies from the 1960s-1980s (or whatever time frame you're comparing to) are going to be good movies because no one is going to produce the sucky ones and even if they did, no one is going to buy them and add them to their collection.

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    Back in the day most movies were garbage too.  We just don't remember the crappy ones.

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    most movies are terrible it's been like that since they started making movies. Just look at the 70's exploitation movies.

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