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Who makes better fighter jets, tanks and helicopters between US and Russia?

I've read several posts about the Russia manufacturing fighter jets that are clearly inferior to their western counterparts, but is it the same for Russian helicopters and tanks?

Who made the KA-50 Aligator?

What did America do with a stolen soviet helicopter?  

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    The USA does not seem to understand the law of diminishing returns.   You can build three really good tanks for $30,000,000.   Or you can build one super tank for the same amount of money.    So you lose numbers when you go for super high tech equipment.    So the USA has super high tech bombers,   a whole 19 of them.    The USA has a super high tech air to air fighter,   less than 200 of them.   We have 11 super carriers but our Navy is smaller now than it was in 1917 with less than 300 ships.   Russia on the other hand goes for numbers.   Stalin said it in WW TWO,   "Quantity has a quality of its own."       So having the best does not help much if you do not have enough of them.  

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    A soft secret:  Not only does the US have better jets, tanks & helicopters, the US has superior pilots, due to both training and the amount of flight hours.  That's the "jockey & pony" story.  You can have a great jet (pony) but you also need a great pilot (jockey).  Consider the Gulf War where US F-15's were able to stand against MIG-29's, the Soviet "air superiority fighter".  The MIG-29 is the better aircraft on paper but the "jockey" made up the difference. 

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    All of our military technology

    and space technology, for that matter

    is superior to Russian

    and has been for decades.

    Why: we spend more on research, development, testing, etc.

    We're also decades ahead of Chinese military and space technology

    though they are trying to close the gap

    and they are probably also well ahead of the Russians now.

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    Russia sells more to other countries than the US does.

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    We didn't steal if first. Second, whenever an adversaries equipment is acquired, it is analyzed to see what technology they have, how far behind they are etc. 

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    What did America do with a stolen Soviet helicopter? That information is CLASSIFIED. 

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