Am I considered both offensive and insulting under these circumstances?

I am a person who prefers a fade cut over a bald cut any day, a person who likes to conform to dress codes within my age bracket, a person who would rather study and work at the same time, and a person who prefers to shop in or near the city for high end clothing and apparels like Oakley. However, I did NOT attend any programs that turns a man or boy into a metrosexual, I was NEVER my mum's favorite child, and I had to learn the English grammar myself!

Also, would me telling and posting a lie back in 2016  about myself being a convict have anything to do with me being blacklisted from such programs that turns a man one? The funny thing about this blacklisting is that I was frustrated for missing out, so I told a lie about myself that got me banned. And because my dad was forcing me to being macho ever since that day.  XD

Am I considered BOTH insulting and offensive in these circumstances?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Can't fix stupid!

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