i need math help asap?

Bruno's toy car is exactly similar to his father's real car. the ratio of the surface areas real car:toy car is 36:1

a. what is the ratio of the lenghts rael car:toy car?

i cannot solve this help-


(b) The real car has a luggage space of 0.54 m cubed

Calculate the luggage space in the toy car in cubic meters.

found out i cannot solve this part too :*) someone pls help

Update 2:

thanks, everyone who answered also sorry for spelling mistakes :) **lengths **real

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    a) To understand this, imagine or draw two squares.

    The big square has side length 6 and area 6*6 = 36

    The small square has side length 1 and area 1*1 = 1

    The ratio of their sides is 6 to 1; the ratio of areas is 36 to 1.

    It does not matter that the area on the cars are not on flat squares.

    If the real:toy areas are 36: 1 then the ratio real:toy sides is 6:1

    b) The ratio of two volumes is the cube of their sides ratio.

    If a small to large area ratio is 1:36, then

    the small to large side ratio is 1:6 and so

    the small to large volume ratio is 1:6^3 = 1:216

    That tells you that the luggage space in the toy car is

    1/216 of the luggage space in the real car, so that is

    0.54/216 = 0.0025 in cubic metres.

    P.S. Spelling: LENGTHS REAL

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    A=l✖w where cm✖cm=cm² and 36cm²:1cm²

    now cm=√(cm²) so √(36cm²)=6cm, your answer "a)" is 6:1

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    a) is 1 to sq rt of 36 ie 1:6

    b) is in ratio 1:6 x 6 x 6   which is 1:216

    so luggage space on toy is 0.0025 cubic m

    (real luggage space is 0.814 x 0.814 x 0.814m = 0.54 cubic m 

    reduce each linear dimension by factor of 6 and then calculate volume)

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