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Are these fossils?

I found these in the new mexico desert in a wash / dry river. The two bigger ones definitely look like clam shells and the smaller two look like snail shells. The snail shells don't seem as old but the clam ones definitely do. 

Location was in newkirk, New Mexico. Just off of route 66 and I-40.

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    Yes. New Mexico and in fact much of the middle of the USA was under water tens of millions of years ago during the age of dinosaurs, and the area was a shallow sea.  Then the land was uplifted because of movement of the earth's tectonic plates. That is why you can find marine fossils in New Mexico, thousands of feet above sea level and about a thousand miles from the Pacific Ocean. In fact New Mexico has many limestone caves such as the famous Carlsbad Caverns which were part of the limestone deposit under the sea. As slightly acidic water flows through the ground, it dissolves the limestone and created the caves. White sands National Park in New Mexico is formed when the sea water evaporated and the gypsum salt is left behind.

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