How come my Altec Lansing headphones are suddenly making a buzzing noise when plugged in?

So I have a pair of Altec Lansing bluetooth headphones, but I highly prefer using the cord & plugging them in since bluetooth kills my cell phone battery. I noticed yesterday that every time I plug them in with the cord, there's a weird buzzing noise coming from my computer. 

The cord for my headphones is removable so I'm able to take it out of the headphones if and when needed to do so. But when it comes to doing things on my computer, there's a buzzing noise coming from them that was never there before. The model of my headphones is MZX770.

This never happened with these headphones up until yesterday. The buzzing noise is not coming from my computer because when I unplug the headphones, there's no buzzing noise, only when I plug them in. I thought there was an audio issue with my computer, but can't figure that out. So is it possible that I might possibly have a busted cord? If the cord's not busted, is there any way to fix the buzzing sound that suddenly appeared with my headphones when plugging them into my computer?


@J I'm not referring to Earbuds...I'm referring to headphones that literally sit on top of your head and don't go in your ears. There are bluetooth models that come with a removable cord to be able to plug it into both the headphones & the computer.

@Rick Thank you for the suggest. So if the buzzing noise doesn't happen w/my phone for example, then it could be my computer, maybe?

Update 2:

@Rick Once again, thank you for the suggestion. Turns out I do have a busted cord 'cause I tried it w/my cell phone and while there's no buzzing sound w/that, the audio is messed up on there too when having them plugged in.

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    first, you need to be sure the buzz is coming from the 'phones and not the equipment need to test them on ANOTHER piece of equipment ........

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