Does my E46 323i have a 16/20pin  OBDI or II port by this picture?

I just went and bought myself a Bluetooth vehicle monitor that will detect and clear a select amount of codes, record the measurements of various on-board sensors, and set reminders for me when to change the oil, etc.   However, I just realized it does not have the standard OBD-II interface, but a non- standard OBDI interface just under the bonnet.

Any chance of a fire if I leave the OBDI-to-OBDII  cable adapter, OBD-II extension cable and the OBD-II a Bluetooth adapter connected to the diagnostics port?  


Is it possible to connect an extension cable adapter and have the other end inside the cabin? I don't want rain water or hot air ruining the Bluetooth module. 

Update 2:

EDIT: I did not take into account the clearance between my diagnostics adapter and the bonnet.  Is there such a thing as connecting wires from underneath this thing to an OBD- adapter head?  I need to be able to attach my Bluetooth monitor to this port at all times. 

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  • CB
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    3 months ago

    "All cars built since January 1, 1996 have OBD-II systems. Manufacturers started incorporating OBD-II in various models as early as 1994"

    Where it can be found inside the car - unless someone tampered with the location.

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