The Boys Season 2 Finale Question (Obvious Spoilers)?

So obviously if you're as big on the show as I am, you're mind is as blown as Fresca dudes at the end. But, I've pretty much binged it very fast, and missed a few details. Mainly who a few people are. The Fresca guy with the mansion? I get he was sort of a publicity guy tasked with getting A-Train and Deep back into the seven but who is he really. I know he's friends with the Vought CEO and they make shady deals, buy why? What's their exact relation? I'm a little foggy on that. Also the mayor lady, whom at the end it turns out was the one popping peoples heads open. Obviously she's on our side and hates the seven. And is now running that whole "keep an eye on the seven government team." but who is she exactly? I get she's friends with Butchers blonde CIA lady friend (always forget her name), but again I don't really get her deal. The way I tie it all together in my head with her busting everyone's heads open at the courthouse is her objective, like the blonde chicks and the rest of the Boys' is to get rid of compound V and pull the foundation out from under the seven, but these particular character's backgrounds I'm just kind of spacing on. Like they're both characters introduced out of Butchers line of acquaintances, but how are we to understand they know each other to the point they're fighting a war together, and yet only see each other every so often, and often don't enjoy each others company. I'm sure with another watch I'll get this all down..


But for now, a few cliff notes would be nice. I'm the kind of guy who likes to understand every last detail even when it may or may not be overly important.

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