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A block with mass 2kg is held against a spring with spring constant 250N/m. The block compresses the spring 22cm from equilibrium.?

After the block is released, it travels along a frictionless surface and then up a frictionless ramp. The ramp's angle of inclination is 30 degrees.

a) Determine the elastic potential energy stored in the spring before the mass is released.

b) Calculate the speed of the block as it travels along the horizontal surface.

c) Determine how far along the ramp the block will travel before it stops.

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    a) SPE = ½kx² = ½ * 250N/m * (0.22m)² = 6.05 J

    b) KE = 6.05 J = ½mv² = ½ * 2kg * v²

    v = 2.46 m/s

    c) PE = 6.05 J = mgdsinΘ = 2kg * 9.8m/s² * d * sin30º

    d = 0.617 m

    One could argue for rounding to 1 significant digit. Hope this helps!

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