How well has your state handled the pandemic.?

Personally I think my state has handled the economy part terribly, but the safety and health excellent. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada by the way. I believe we still could of achieved all our health results without sacrificing the economy at the same time. It’s October and our state is just now developing a way to efficiently pay and backpay pua and unemployment.  All that money would of been spent and went back into our economy most likely saving some our businesses that closed for good if it was paid out in a timely manner.

 Also not sure how to judge this without knowing how other states spent their federal aid. But our state spent 90% of our federal aid money on paying state & city employees vs providing aid for struggling citizens. That information comes from the newspaper owned by a mega gop doner Sheldon Anderson and did not include a comparison of what other states did with their money. So not sure if the newspaper is just bashing our governor or was that actual terrible decision by our state government.

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  • 3 months ago

    Very well thank you very much.  My state has a Democrat Governor and the legislature is controlled by Democrats as well.   Our last Governor was a Republican who was kicked out of office the first change we got to kick him out. That GOP Governor was a disaster.

  • 3 months ago

    I stay in Maharashtra - India and my state was handled very well during the whole pandemic and still the government has been actually taking the right effort from their end.

    It all about 2 side co-operation in anything to work on track and not one-side. So, somewhere people and somewhere government have to adjust and cope up with the situation. 

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Thanks to the plandemic,  mental health cases shot up 10 fold,  house arrests due to domestic abuse has seen an increase, and people have started spending more of their savings on pointless junk, takeaways and other meaningless crap which they otherwise might not have done.

    there are more people roaming around outside drinking and alcoholism has become a new hobby for a lot of people.

    The plandemic was handled poorly in my state.

    i think mental health sector saw an increase in business as did drug dealers over the past few months. 

    the only people who got furloughed in my area are all doing fraud and evading tax while running 2, 3 businesses.  The poorest of the poor and the working class are struggling to survive.  the govt funded the people who didn't need that money.

    the whole thing is a sorry state of affairs and I can only see it making matters worse.  the people are getting edgy and aggressive more than before ive noticed.

    all this thanks to the horrendous way we handled it all.

    so id say we handled it very badly.

  • 3 months ago

    Nevada is handling it wonderfully.  You are almost fully open and cases are not sky-rocketing.

    Look at the state to your West.

    - many people have been out of work for 7 months.  Trying to find a nice place for dinner last night?  Sure I can go to In N Out but trying to find something interesting  = still closed.

    - the governor is constantly sued for his actions (oct 26th is a gigantic court case on his handling). The government sets goals and as soon as the public obtains them, they are changed

    - Amusement parks are fine in FL, Amusement parks in California are going to be filing bankruptcy.

    - The film industry is DEAD.

    - Two high schools 1/2 mile away from each other = one has students in person each day; the other may open around February 1.  The difference one is in LA and the other in OC.


    You want to know what my city did with their CARES Act Aid?

    - we pay high school students to make chalk drawings on the park's sidewalk to remind people to wear masks.

    - and we built restaurants in the street.  Not like some places where they closed off the street and made restaurants.  Ours are in the street paid for by the city.  One got hit by a car and destroyed it = thankfully that was at 11:30pm and the restaurant was closed. 

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  • 3 months ago

    Your state handled it much better than you realize.

    In other states, aid provided to citizens was not all spent and what was spent did not go all back into the state's economy.  Some of it was saved and was not spent.  Some of it was spent buying things online, that were sold by out of state businesses, and made in China or other countries.  If your state had also used the money for aid to citizens, the same thing would have happened.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    The virus levels have actually dropped in my own, because people are actually taking precautions.  

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Other than the high rate of infection in the Navajo Nation I would say pretty good compared to other states.

  • ?
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    3 months ago

    Perfectly. After suspending ALL restrictions, including masks, etc., there has NOT been any "spikes" in Florida. Thanks, Ron DeSantis! 👍 

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