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K24A2 swap ep3?

Ok guys I just bought this ep3 with an all motor k24a2 setup. The body needs some work, but it has a nice setup engine wise. I noticed that when we got there the car was warmed up already, and when I came to pick the car up same thing. I got home with the car let it sit for a while and started it up. It had a knocking sound, he had warned about it saying it’s the cam gear resetting. The cam gear was modified to 45 degrees, which to me it was like ok no prob. The knocking sound happened on start up and went away immediately. I’m just trying to figure out is there any truth to it. I had a couple cars with k series engines, but both stock. I’m just trying to find out more info.

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    Sounds like he is trying to advance timing? Which on any k series shouldnt be done either get larger lobes or leave it stock. Check your timing. Worst case your piston is hitting ur valves cuz your bottom end isnt in time with your top. I'm not sure how much a k24 will allow for advance and still run tho. They arent a old 350 that can be off timing n run somewhat well.. 

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