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Do English bridles and reins exist that are made of a similar type of leather to harness leather?

I know this sounds a bit odd, especially since refined English show tack is quite a bit different from the sturdier Western working tack, but as I was going through some of my Western stuff, I was admiring the super nice, buttery soft feeling of my Hermann Oak harness leather reins and since I'm primarily an English rider these days, began to wonder if a similar feeling type of leather exists in English tack. You know, that "raw" for lack of a better word, undyed leather that doesn't have any sort of a color corrected/painted finish and has a really nice soft feel to it, yet is super durable and doesn't seem to wear or crack? 

I know thick harness leather is likely too coarse for English tack, but was wondering if there was anything in the English world I haven't come across that has that similar soft but durable feel. I know French leather is known for its softness, but a lot of it does not seem very durable and seems to have that almost painted finish. 

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    There are English bridles with softer leather, of course, but I don't know how your HO feels so I don't know if they're THAT soft.

    Have you thought of taking a pair of HO reins and converting them to English reins?  It's not hard, and good saddle repair place could probably do it for you.

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