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Is Nadal on course now to be the greatest player of all time?

Djokovic needs at least 4 slams to overtake him and is only a year younger. I think Nadal is like some kind of tennis superman. 


I don't think Federer dismisses Djokovic as just an 'irritation'. He's beaten him in 3 Wimbledon finals, a US Open final and 3 Australian semis.

Update 2:

I don't agree. Djokovic needs at 4 slams to overtake Nadal, Nadal can win on any surface and I think as long as he stays fit, which he appears to be for the time being, I think he can win at least 2 or 3 more. The days of Djokovic winning 3 slams in a single year I think are gone 

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    Like many other sports/sportsmen (or women), I really don't do 'of all time'.     Of his era, perhaps although Federer is already there at the moment.  And Federer has said he respects Nadal, but finds Djoko an irritation.

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    Djokovic will have the most grand slam titles in the end. Not only younger(!a year has four grand slams), even more important - much healthier than Nadal and a player for any surface as well. Since 2013 he has won same or more grand slams than Nadal and Federer together. Even more, he has won his grand slams during a shorter period of time than both too.

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