Hello, I previously posted this question but did not clarify my situation. I work for an event planning company. Since April I have worked very few hours. For example, there have only been 4 weeks where I worked over the 32 hour threshold and did not qualify for Unemployment benefits in Colorado for those weeks. The other weeks where I either did not work or worked less than 32 hours, I certified for and received benefits. My boss informed me today that he has a five week assignment starting next week, upwards of 40 hours a week. After those five weeks, there are no scheduled events until March, so I will have to go back on unemployment until then (unless I am hopefully able to find another job or find something temporary). Should I certify for benefits for the five weeks that I work and do not qualify (I am aware that I will not be eligible for benefits for these five weeks as I will have worked too many hours)? Or should I just not certify for benefits those weeks and reapply for unemployment once the five weeks are up and I have no more work?

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  • 2 months ago
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    Your claim length is one year.

    As such, you should keep this claim open and certify each week, although you won't receive benefits during this time.  This way there is no delay in receiving benefits.

    Be mindful that your claim money does not last a full year.

    It is normally 26 weeks but with the pandemic there is an extra 13 weeks (39 total).If you have been out of work since April 1 and worked 4 weeks and have another 5 week assignment, your benefits will be exhausted around February 1st.

    If you don't have enough money to last if the March events don't happen and/or you can't afford afford a few weeks with no UI, you should look for another job. 

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