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If a medicine requires you to take it with food, does the food have to be solid?

And how much of it do you have to eat?

If I'm not hungry or don't really want anything solid, can I have like 1/2 - 1 cup of ice cream? Or 1 cup of smoothie? Or 1/2 cup of apple sauce? Does it have to have fat in the food (is the medicine that why it has to be taken with food)?

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    Generally it is because the medicine will upset your stomach ir irritate the stomach lining if you don't have food in there.

    Smoothie etc are good choices.

  • ron h
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    Personally, I'd try to eat a few bites of something solid.  I'd try for something that will take a few minutes to digest. A couple of apple or pear slices maybe--fresh or canned.  Or a "breakfast" cookie, or a small bowl of cereal. 

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    You can eat any food, take your medicine, and keep eating to make sure medications get in the middle of the process. Food could be solid or liquid, it doesn't matter. You could just take a few sips of water to swallow medications.

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    no canned food is good too

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    bread, crackers, pudding, applesauce, all good choices to take with medicine

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    Apple sauce an ice cream are considered "solid food."  Generally, you just want something in your stomach. It is unlikely that the drug is fat soluble, it is more that  the pharmaceutical company's trails showed that nausea was a side-effect of the drug. 

    I'd also point out that ice cream and smoothies probably aren't very healthy and have more volume and calories than a lot of other foods.

    If the information you received with your prescription isn't clear, feel free to call the pharmacy and get more information. 

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  • Anonymous
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    you take it with bread so as not to upset

    the stomach

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    Ice cream and apple sauce are liquids. Smoothies will be better.

  • Etta
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    It is better to eat something solid like a slice of bread as the medication can burn your stomach lining and that is why you take after food.

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