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Toyota Rav4?

We were looking at one. (This would be my first car) and I was wondering a little about it. Would it be a reliable vehicle? Is it comfortable (not the biggest factor really, but I still wouldn't wanna sit in something that felt uncomfortable). Lastly, we get a whole lot of snow here, so I wasn't sure if it would do okay in those conditions.

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    It is an excellent choice. To see if it fits you  You should go and test drive one. They are crazy reliable.

  • 1 month ago

    I bought my daughter a 2008 RAV4 at the end of the year.   She is still driving it 12 years later.   The really odd part is it still has the original Toyota battery in it.   She does a lot of her own maintenance such as brake shoes,  oil changes and the like because it is easy to work on.   Not so sure about the newer ones.    It still drives pretty nice and I think she will probably drive it another four or five years.   She had some issues with the tires that came on it in the snow (all season car tires) so we put on off road tires and had no problem but then she did not like the rough ride and noise so eventually went back to all season tires.    She now lives in Idaho and I have not heard her complain about driving in the snow.    I just bought a 2018 for myself as my AWD lincoln MKZ could not get up my street due to it being too low to the ground that the air dam in the front would act like a snow plow. and build up a big pile of snow in front of the car.  

  • 2 months ago

    The Rav4 is a very good vehicle and reliable 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Q: Would it be a reliable vehicle?

    A: NEW or used, dumbdumb? New, yes. Used - it should be but it depends on how it has been driven and maintained.

    .Q: Is it comfortable? A: For some people yes, for others no. Go and sit in one dumdumb. That's the only way to know..Q: I wasn't sure if it would do okay in those conditions.

    A: They make both 2 and 4wd versions. The 4wd is better, but as with any vehicle how "good" it is has a lot to do with driver ability and experience.

    Source(s): A BASIC CLUE - GET ONE.
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    2 months ago

    I had a 2008 XTR 2.2 diesel with 6 speed manual. Excellent car. Any one who says it’s cramped must be 7ft tall.

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    The RAV4 is a great vehicle and performs very well in the snow. It's also one of the few vehicles that don't have the troublesome CVT transmission. I recommended the RAV4 to a few of my customers and a friend. They all bought one and like the ride.

  • 2 months ago

    Subaru Crosstrek rated highest in this class and way better riding than a Rav4.

  • 2 months ago

    Toyota's reputation for building decent vehicles is about as good as it gets.  I'm personally not a fan of the Rav4, I much prefer the Highlander, but that's personal opinion.  

    Being a mini-SUV, I found the Rav4 to be a bit cramped and rough riding.  I wouldn't say it's downright uncomfortable, but there are nicer riding vehicles out there.  As for driving in snow, it handles as well as anything.  Driving in snow isn't about what you drive, it's all about how you drive it.

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    2 months ago

    do not get a new car for your first car. you are still too young and dumb to drive correctly. you are 100% guaranteed to get rock chips, cracks in windshield from rocks if you drive within 50ft of the car in front of you, or just happen to be beside a semi-trailer who is hauling rocks past you. you will get door dings from scum the earth, you will probably ding someone else's doors because you are scum of the earth, you might even hit your door on those poles they have by the gas pumps. also you're probably going to crash it in a couple years anyway. do NOT get a new car for your first car, otherwise you're going to be out 25k when you crash it. plus insurance rates for new drivers are already high enough

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    2 months ago

    Toyota has a good rep, the rav4 has decent reliability ratings, 2 of my neighbors had them in the past and stated they were decent in the snow(Ma). I looked at them a few years ago but for myself, my shoulders felt pressed against the side while sitting in them. But that is common for the smaller or mid sized cross overs and suv's and such.

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