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How do I make someone pay for my services and stop thinking because they know me its access to something free?

 I don't mind doing things for free often but some people expect it. I do woodwork and build stuff and they automatically say what they want and don't expect to pay regular price. How do I handle them, and how do I avoid dealing with people wanting something for nothing. 

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    You do what my husband does, you say, "Sure!  Sounds like a GREAT PROJECT!  My regular rate is $75.00 per hour but because we are friends, I'll knock off 1/3 of my hourly rate and charge you $50 an hour plus materials.  I'll draw up a contract and you can give me a 25% deposit instead of the normal 50% deposit."

    If our 'friends' decide to pay for it, they get an incredible carpenter doing an amazing job.  If they do not, then we get to hear about the crap people they hired and how much it is going to cost them to fix it.

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    My side hustle is welding, I get the same thing. I started keeping a bunch of work authorization forms on a clipboard by my shop door. When someone comes in and asks, Hey, can you blah, blah, blah.." I pick up the clipboard and say "Sure, lets go down the list.." Name and date? Quantity wanted? Form of payment? That's where things get interesting. They say, "Well gee, ya know, I thought maybe, this would be, you know, off the record?" I tell them I have to do it that way or I'll forget about it, and I don't want to get in trouble with the tax man either. Then I'll start again "Where were we...form of payment?" That's when it usually sinks in, I'm not going to weld your boat lift, lawn mower, or whatever it is for free. I don't mind helping people out that need help, and I take it easy on the little old ladies with a rusted out handrail, but yeah, I have a lot of money tied up in equipment, and my time is valuable too. I have one neighbor that has a pile of money, but wants everything for free. (I'm looking at you Larry.) Sometimes I feel like I'm not being neighborly with him, but he's not being neighborly to keep asking me for freebies either. I have a price list that is sort of a joke hanging on the wall that is right next to the door, its something like this:

    1) Portable welding service:$100.oo /hr

    2) If you help: $150.oo /hr

    3) If you started the project: $200.oo /hr

    4) If you started the project and help: 300.oo / hr goes all the way down to friends and neighbors getting a half price deal for $1000.oo/hr. There's usually a half-ast chuckle when they read that, I chuckle back.

    I remind them that I'm flexible, and we'll usually end up bartering if they don't have the money. I've gotten smoked briskets, tractor tires, and all sorts of stuff that way. Anyway, I hope that helps. Good luck !

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    I totally understand were you are coming from. I have found that when friends or other people know you have a great skill. They want something for nothing. Even customers. I do cnc machining and taught myself to weld. And the better I got and the more reputation spread around my community. The more I dealt with the free loaders. 

    If you don't mind me asking. Is this a business on the side to make extra money? Or is this a business that you already have? 

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    When they ask for something give them a quote making it clear what you expect to be paid. 

    If they balk say you are far too busy taking care of paying customers to spend time working for deadbeats. 

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    I wish you were a little bit more specific about your situation with people and your work.

    Perhaps you need to check around, maybe those who ask could do it themselves, maybe they have someone in the family with similar skills, or maybe there are local people who just do it etc. So sometimes it's not that people don't want to pay, it could be other factors around that make your work seem "free" or cost a lot less.

    To those who are very direct about their expectations, you could just say "I appreciate your interest and honesty. I will let you know when my work protocol changes but untill then this is what I have ______. Here is the pricing. Please let me know if it suits you and we can work from there"

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    That's simple. If someone asks you to build and put up some shelves for example. You say, 'well I can get the wood and other bits for about £15, and then let's say mate's for making and staining the shelves and putting them up, so another £15 on top'.

    They either take it or leave it.  Make it clear when you expect payment for doing stuff.

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    Keep being generous with your services, but see if your friends can refer you to someone else willing and able to pay.

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    Carry your "quote book" with you and pull it out when they start talking about what they want you to build.  Start filling it out as they are talking.  That's a solid enough hint to them that this is your BUSINESS, not just a hobby.

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    You're going to have tell them the truth and be prepared for some people to be offended.

    "Can you build me an XYZ?"  "Yes, but this is what I do for a living, and I don't work for free". 

    "I need an ABCD".  "That's great!  I need fifty bucks".

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