Motorcyclists, what is your worst injury from a crash that wasn't your fault?

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  • 1 month ago

    On the street, I hit a deer and slid for 100 yards, misc. cuts and bumps.

    In the dirt, broken collar bone in 4 places.

  • 2 months ago

    ...........Broke my thumb.

  • 2 months ago

    Had a Blazer suddenly swerve across the center line on a curve into oncoming traffic.

    I had just enough time to downshift twice, dump the clutch, slam on both brakes, and put my Suzuki Boulevard C50 down on the ground and get my leg out from underneath it (thanks to years of riding and crashing dirt bikes).  The bike slid under the truck, and I ricocheted off the hood and windshield, landing on the shoulder on the same side of the road I had been riding.  If I had taken it head-on I would be dead right now.

    As it was, I came to (I didn't really pass out - but I was stunned for a minute) and the first guy that came running up said 'It's okay - I'm a nurse!'  - I said 'oh boy!' and we both laughed.  I noticed my left leg was back behind me, so I started trying to straighten it out, and the guy said 'don't move it'.  I was like 'I'm not going to lay here with my leg behind me, so I straightened it out and noticed that the knee was bleeding pretty badly - and my left boot (motorcycle boot - laced all the way up) had been ripped clean off my foot.

    Then I noticed my right boot was still laced to my foot, but the bottom was gone.  Other than that I only had a little road rash on my side where my jacket had pushed up - and there was a scuff up the side of my full-face (modular) helmet that would've been my face on the pavement if I had been wearing a skid lid (or no helmet).

    That's when someone screamed 'does anyone have a fire extinguisher?!?!?!' and we all looked over and saw that the bike was on fire - and the old lady that had hit me was still in her truck.  Some crazy/brave guy took off running, pulled her out, and got her clear just as the bike's tank exploded - setting off the truck's tank, which exploded too (and I don't mean 'kind of') it literally shook the ground and sent a massive black cloud up.

    The ambulance actually pulled up between me and the action as it was happening, and I didn't see if the guy had gotten himself and the woman clear - I was pretty mad at her at that point, but I didn't want her dead.  They assured me they had made it, and the paramedics put me in the ambulance.  They asked if I had been wearing a helmet, and I motioned to my undamaged face.  They looked at my knee and one of them said 'you should've been wearing chaps' and we all laughed.

    I got to the hospital, went into surgery, and ended up having some muscle on my left knee re-attached and 28 staples - right ankle had two screws in the left side, one screw up into the ball on the right side, and some stitches, and my left foot had a pin inserted into my small toe where I had broken the two smallest toes. The left ankle didn't actually break, but it was horribly sprained when the boot got sucked off my foot.

    Fortunately I was in pretty good physical shape when I had the wreck, was back on my feet in a month (surprised the doctor when I was able to walk and even lunge into my knee at the 30 day check up), and rode my bicycle 20 miles (one way) to work less than 6 months later (it took about 1-1/2 hours, then about 2 hours home that night against a head-wind, my knee felt like it was made of rubber).

  • 2 months ago

    Only one street crash and I hit a 'high risk insurance' driver at a full 35 mph. She pulled across in front of me and I hit her car so hard it was totaled, as was the Yamaha 100 LS1 I was riding. I flew over her car but only was scraped up a bit. I had on a heavy leather coat that my late grandfather had given me plus my Bell helmet. No crashes since that 1972 event. BAM!  

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  • 2 months ago

    I was 21, on my way back to college after spending the weekend at my parents' house.  I was crossing an intersection when a woman coming the other way made a left turn across my path.  I went flying over her car and landed on my face.  I broke three teeth and tore my chin open.  I also broke a little bone in my foot, that would heal itself but I'd be on crutches for a month and then walked with a cane for two more months.

    I'm proud to say that that was the last serious crash I had.  It taught me not to assume what people in cars are going to do, and I've been MUCH more careful, and also much safer.  The worst I've had since then were a couple of spills, no more than a few scratches.  (But I shouldn't be proud of that because the Bible says pride cometh before a fall!)

    The biggest danger to motorcycles is people in cars.  They always say 'I didn't see him!'  And it's true!  Because they don't LOOK!  They will cross in front of you or pull right into your lane like you weren't there.  Once you learn to stay out of their way, you're much safer.  There are rights worth dying for, but the right-of-way is not one of them.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    As you gain experience (and crash a few times) you will learn that "fault" is often shared and, when you can acknowledge that and accept some responsibility, you can avoid (some) further accidents.


    As you can see many riders do not have that self-awareness,

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    It is one of "those challenges" I would rather NOT participate in, thank you very much.

  • adam
    Lv 5
    2 months ago

    oct 2 2006. Riding my chopped 61 panhead. Open chain primary . This little ol lady runs a red light and attempts a left turn. I hit her at 35 MPH. No helmet. Hit my head, was in a coma. 3 surgerys on my left leg . Finally they had to amputate the left leg from just below the knee. 3 screws in my neck. And a minor surgery to right hand. Sooo now some of my bikes have a hand shifter with the clutch lever attached to it. Others have a heel toe shift. And I figured out with my GFs sporty I can upshift with me heel. Pull the shifter up with my heel. Clumsy but it works. My pro Street has electric shift. Riding in Phoenix is a contact sport LOL!

  • 2 months ago

    Broken collar bone and 6 broken ribs.    From collision with a suicidal deer that was it on the far side of the road and got bounced across the median.

  • 2 months ago

    Fractured pelvis and ribs;  loss of motorcycle;  and then the humongous hospital bill.

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