Why is the younger generation aging faster ?

Like my friend is in her 30s and she has more wrinkles than her 60s mother

My aunt has more wrinkles than my cousin’s grandma who is my aunt’s mother

I also see children tend to have higher bmi’s than their parents these days - at least their female parent

My other friend is also 30s and she has the same amount of wrinkles as her mom who is 20-40 years older 

Is it because we have more academic pressure?

Drink more coffee?

Eat more junk food?

Pour more all nighters? 

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    1 month ago
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    Are they in the southwest US?

    We really do not have any more academic pressure than we did 100 years ago.

    It is probably more stress, over washing the face (causing dry skin and wrinkles), The food we eat (which is highly modified than it was 50 years ago), environmental irritants are more prevalent now than 100 years ago. And of course the party night life does not help. Over exposure to solar radiation (sunburn) is one of the biggest.

    Ever compare seniors who live in areas like the southwest compared to people of the northeast? Those senior in the southwest are highly wrinkled at a younger age, drier climate and lot of sun.

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