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I have a question about art?

If I want to paint something and have it shipped to a customer - what type of safety device do I need to protect it from getting damaged? do I need a frame? Or a box? or both a frame and a box? Is it the postal carriers job to ensure it doesn’t get damaged or is that my job? Does the box have to say fragile on the outside? If I deliver it to the postal carrier unboxed will they box it for me? Do I need a frame? 

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    If it's framed painting, then it needs a box. Whether that's a cardboard box or a wooden box depends on the size and nature of the art. No, the post office doesn't box things for you. Yes, it's their job to deliver things in as good condition as possible, but they handle a lot of parcels and cannot baby every single one. The parcels have to be loaded onto trucks, placed in bins, sent down conveyor belts. My rule for packaging things for posting is that if I could throw it across my living room without damage then it's properly packed. Yes, mark it fragile if it is fragile.

    If it's a valuable/irreplaceable piece of framed art, then consult a picture framer or an art gallery about finding proper packaging. UPS offers packaging services. I once shipped a 3' x 4' stained glass window. It was set into a custom made foam nest and then a wooden box.

    If the painting can be rolled up and framed when it gets there, then a shipping tube will do.

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    this is a shipping question, not an art question

    the US post office does not box things for you

    the UPS store will for an additional charge

    the frame issue is between you and the buyer

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