Anonymous asked in HealthOther - Health · 2 months ago

I've had covid-19 for 2 weeks now shouldn't of went away by now? ?


still have burning nose and cough

Update 2:


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  • 2 months ago

    Ideally, yes, but it sounds like your case is worse than that.

  • ?
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    I know a couple people who have had Covid and they each took months to recover, not a couple weeks.

  • 2 months ago

    You may be one of the long haul victims. 

  • Tavy
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    No, here in the U.K. the symptoms can last for many weeks.

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  • 2 months ago

    Ask Donald if you can have some of his magic medicine.

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