What would Metallica be like today if Cliff Burton was still alive?

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  • 1 month ago

    It's hard to say. Cliff was more interested in progressive music and classical, so I doubt they would have jumped into the mainstream rock radio scene so fast. 

  • Andrew
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    1 month ago

    It's unlikely that Burton would have remained in the band up until now. In all likelihood, he would have decided to leave decades ago. I can't imagine that he would have been keen to make the sort of changes that James and Lars wanted to make. 

    It goes without saying that "And Justice For All" would have been a very different record, and we'll never know whether or not the self-titled 'Black Album' would have sounded anything like the one we know if Burton had been in the band at the time; however, I'd say that James and Lars would have been compelled to go in a softer, slower, weaker, more commercial direction and I think it's doubtful that Burton would have been on board with doing that. 

    Two's company and three's a crowd. James writes the music, Lars takes care of the business side of things... Hammett is just a stooge who steps in and does his lead parts. During the period of time that Burton was in the band, Hammett never recorded a single note on any rhythm track - his contributions to the recording process consisted solely of lead breaks and fills. Burton would not have allowed Hetfield and Ulrich to run the show. He wasn't that type of person. Eventually there would have been friction and it's not like Burton would have had a hard time finding a new gig. 

    Imagine a thrash band with Burton as a primary songwriter working with unknown musicians... For all we know the man could have made a lateral move and joined an existing band. I'm sure Dave Mustaine would have done whatever he could to convince Cliff to join Megadeth. 

    No matter how things ended up, there's no way Cliff would be going through the motions and playing the rubbish Metallica plays today. 

  • 1 month ago

    perhaps bluegrass


    it's totally stupid to think instead of dead mam...

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