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Was the stamp act only applied to The colonies or all of Britain as well? If only the colonies, why did they view the colonies different ?

Why did they view the colonies different than Britain itself after all, they were all one 

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    There were MANY "stamp acts" in many nations.

    The particular stamp act to which you refer

    is the Stamp Act of 1765


    which required by law that most American printing (specifically American), including newspapers, magazines and legal documents, be done on paper produced in Britain, paper that bore the stamp showing that the tax had been paid.


    - outlawed the use of American-made paper for the great majority of American printing

    - and significantly increased the cost of paper, which was not only now taxed but also suffered from the additional expense of trans-Atlantic shipping costs

    The ***claimed intent***

    was to have the American colonies

    (note: ALL of the American colonies, not just the 13 that later became the U.S.)

    to pay for the military personnel stationed there.

    I point out

    that there was a HUGE British military presence in the Caribbean at the time

    (because the region was hotly contested by European colonial powers, these so-called "sugar islands" being EXTREMELY lucrative in comparison to the 13 U.S. colonies, which had their own largish population of British citizens and their own economies serving those citizens rather than the controlling nation)

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    Oh, all of Britain as well, yes. They were trying to raise British taxes so they could financially help the American colonists, who were poor and starving. But then America invaded Britain and threw all our tea into the sea, or something, and things got worse from there.

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