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Can this just be ovulation?

I’ve been on the pill for almost two years I recently stopped it (minipill) about a month ago.I did get my period it was only 5 days I’m usually a week. Now I’ve been cramping on and off all day literally in the pelvic area and my boobs are getting sore again.About 3 days ago my husband and I had sex and he didn’t pull out what are my chances of that getting pregnant? Even though my period was not to long ago but my app is saying my fertile week is starting today .

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    The app has absolutely no idea when your fertile time is, particularly when coming off birth control.  Sure, it MIGHT be ovulation.  But it's common for any hormonal change, and incredibly common for coming off hormonal birth control.

    If it is ovulation, you would have a 20-25% chance of pregnancy, same as any other fertile woman during her fertile time.

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    Nobody is a month.

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    Every woman not using birth control has about a 25% chance of pregnancy during each cycle.

    You just stop using birth control.  It might take your body a couple of cycles to get back to normal.  Your symptoms might actually be a reaction to NOT having the birth control hormones.  It could be your normal hormones trying to get back into balance.  It is too soon for any signs or symptoms of actual pregnancy.  There is no guarantee that the symptoms are related to ovulation.  

    Your APP is GUESSING your fertile week based on PAST DATA  you have entered about the length of your cycles and when you have your period.  Your cycles have been controlled by birth control for the two years that you used birth control.  Your APP does NOT know your REAL pattern for cycles without birth control.  

    If you are TTC, don't trust your APP to know the best time for sex.  Just have sex at least once every three days even if your APP isn't predicting your fertile week.  

    Good luck.

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    Whatever it is it's not pregnancy related. It takes at least a week for implantation to occur. Until then you are not pregnant so can't have pregnancy symptoms.  

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