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Is my business strategy good if I incorporate workplace indoctrination?

I consider myself different from other employers who would rather have raw recruits for their businesses and risk having one or more of its employees act out of line with company views, etc.   I believe a meaningful relationship between the company and its employees who will share the same views will improve productivity and  efficiency, unlike others who only see their jobs as a job and work normally (I don't need people like that).  

I am on the verge of becoming a supervisor and thought it would be a great to increase the productivity and efficient operation of my business if I inculcate certain employees with the correct ideas, beliefs, attitudes and cognitive strategies.   


Would I make a great supervisor with this strategy? 

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  • n2mama
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    3 months ago

    You asked a question yesterday about if you were likely to get sacked because a facility has let you go due to your attitude, but today you are on the verge of becoming a supervisor? Yeah, something smells fishy here....

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