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My question is under review for violating guidelines? How?

I literally just asked, should I go vegan because some substitutes for meat and dairy contain highly processed chemicals and have more fat. How in the world did that violate guidelines?


Anyway, since this question went through. Could you answer my question: I was thinking of going vegan to lose weight and become healthy but I've seen that alternatives of vegan food that have more sodium, calories and are processed with a ton of chemicals so when going grocery shopping, what should I be looking for to avoid? 

Update 2:

@A.J. could you please explain what is ambiguous about it? i'm not seeing it?

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    There's nothing wrong with your question and I highly doubt it was reported.Does Answers fall under the category of social media? All sites are currently being censored to the max since leaked emails threaten someone running for office in the US.

    I can't be specific as this will be taken down as well.

    All processed food is unhealthy. While it's convenient you're much better off avoiding it. It's a myth that vegans eat them all the time.

    Tofu, lentils, beans, chickpeas etc are all protein sources and home cooking ensures you're eating a healthy diet but even vegans can gain weight if they over indulge.  

    With such a variety of protein sources almost any meal can be veganised. Google your favourite meals but put vegan at the start. There are thousands of great recipes online. 

    Good luck, you're making a wonderful choice by eliminating animal products. You don't have to go fully vegan straight away. Do it gradually as you become familiar with the different ingredients.

    Many people have found vegan challenges helpful.

    This one gives you recipe ideas and information and it's free, apart from the food.

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    Someone complained, i guess.  Don't worry, it's only Yahoo Answers and you're not going to be arrested

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      There are some, who will report anything that doesn't agree with their specific view, regardless of their dietary following. They could be a gun toting, Bible packing vegan (insert any political party), who thinks that they have it everything right, that anyone who disagrees with them or holds a very different viewpoint. The same can be said of a meat eating anti firearms, and anti-hunting (insert any political party) ashiest. Yet I'd say that it was most likely someone who is very anti-vegetarian/vegan, who reported it. From what I saw though, of what you added with both the details and update, there wasn't anything wrong with the question, and I eat meat as a part of my diet. Also as someone who has been here for a number of years now, I've seen more than quite a few legitimate questions removed, and yet rants trolling, insults, and along with many other violations left standing.

  • Walt
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    there high in salt to and most vegans and vegetarian dont eat that type of food. why buy a bean burger that taste like meat when they dont like meat any way

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  • 1 month ago

    I Answered 2 questions with the same answer the One By armouror reported the one anonymous still stands

    Proving I never Broke the rules

  • kswck2
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    1 month ago

    You are probably just a victim of a troll that decided to get your question removed. When Yahoo says that you have violated their TOS, they never explain How you violated it. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    There doesn't have to be anything wrong with a question for it to be reported - it doesn't have to violate guidelines - all a person needs to do is click on the flag.

    Regarding A.J.’s comment: your question is ambiguous because it suggests that you are considering becoming vegan BECAUSE, “some substitutes... contain highly processed chemicals and have more fat...” - that's not a good reason for becoming vegan! Your update uses “but” instead of “because” and conveys the intended meaning.

    Medical issues aside, a person loses weight if they consume fewer calories than they use. Any diet can be high or low in calories - beer and potato crisps (“chips” in the USA) are vegan!

    Unless extreme, a person's diet has little effect on their health (when compared to genetics, the amount of exercise they take, their occupation, smoking, taking drugs etc.). There is nothing about a vegan diet that is more healthy that a standard omnivorous one. A diet is healthy or unhealthy according to what's in it, not what individual foods are missing from it. There's nothing at all intrinsically “healthy” about not consuming meat, eggs, dairy products and honey.

    If you want to follow a vegan diet then that's fine. As you have pointed out though something that omits non-vegan ingredients can be very unhealthy and unappetising . I think you should avoid these kind of “fake” products that seek to mimic non-vegan products. Personally I'd concentrate on the things that ordinary people eat, and just avoid the non-vegan foods.


  • 1 month ago

    Maybe turned in by vegans, but what you write is ambiguous if you read it carefully..........

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It doesn't sound like a violation. Your question may have been falsely/maliciously reported. Abusing the "Report Abuse" button happens all the time in Yahoo Answers. I remember when level 7 users used to maliciously move people's questions for no reason. And trolls still falsely report questions and answers for no reason.

  • A.J.
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    1 month ago

    Maybe turned in by vegans, but what you write is ambiguous if you read it carefully.

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