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Responding to client who paid but basically threw my work away?

I worked with a client for several months for a redesign of his home; I'm an architect.  We never spoke by phone, but we emailed regularly.  It took a while, but I kept him updated on the status and provided the first deliverable (a few photos of some doors for the interior that he should order) and an invoice.  

It took more work and more time than I expected and I gave him an invoice with a 20% discount.  He paid the invoice in full, without a discount. 

Then he told me that he needed a break from the project.  Then he emailed me and told me that he "would not be proceeding" and that I should "consider this project completed".

So all of that work, which he paid for...and he "would not be proceeding".

It's been 2 days and I haven't responded to him.  What to say to him?


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    “I’m sorry to hear that.  I hope you’ll keep me in mind if you decide to advance the project sometime in the future.  Thank you for the opportunity.”

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    Once a customer pays for everything - it is NO business of yours what they do with it.  You say NOTHING to him.  MOVE ON.

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    Hi! So sorry to hear that! 

    Being polite and always open to new cooperation opportunities in the future is key to keeping things professional even in situations like these. So apologize for the prolonged silence, express hope that the client is contempt with the work you did. I would also add a note that if the client has any feedback for you or the project it's encouraged and always appreciated. Then close the message with thanking him for his business and saying you're there in case he needs any kind of help in the future.

    I know it's hard, but try not to take that one personally - lots of stuff is going on in our lives and you can never know for sure just how much a person is going through. You show up, do your best and that's the end of it. There is no need to try and guess what another person wants if that's not clearly expressed.

    However, for future projects this may be a good negotiation point - that you invest a lot of your time and effort and your ultimate goal is to have the project done and not getting the paycheck (though that's awesome too!).

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    Thank him for his interest. Move on. He paid a full invoice, so you haven't got any case for anything--he decided not to move ahead with the project which is his right. 

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    He paid in full, so you have no issue. It is his right to then "fire" you.  Thank him and stay on good terms on the outside chance he will rehire you, or at least refer others to you.

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    Sorry dear.   You've been seen though.   I know your work here on Yahoo and you ain't foolin' me.

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    He paid you. What do you want, him to lift you to his shoulders and triumphantly carry you through the town square?

    If you worked for months and had nothing to show for it but some photos of some doors and creation of an invoice, what are the chances he didn't want to blow in the breeze and pay someone professional wages for them to spin into oblivion on the project.

    He paid you and you're whining about it? Reading between the lines, it's clear he is not satisfied with your work. You somehow think you're entitled to additional payments for some reason. You're not.

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    Ask a dozen more times. SMH

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    How do you know he "threw" it away?  He paid for it; he probably kept it.  And then you follow Michael's advice as to what to say to your former client.

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    You say nothing!  You were paid in full for your work, the end.  If he changes his mind he'll contact you.

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