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Is rap all about revenge now?

When ever a rapper gets dissed by another rapper they always react like "im going to kill you!". And then the rest of their crew is like "were going to beat you up if we see you in the streets dawg, we must get revenge"

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    maybe it should be about peace and bringing people together though. instead vengeance and separating people.

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    Rap has never changed.

    Well... actually it went to just rap into really violent, graphic rap... i.e. MC Hammer which was alright - to stuff about strippers and drugs and all that stuff and it never looked back.

    Believe me I saw the world change back in the late '80s. 

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    I don't know because I don't listen to much rap. When I do I don't understand what they're saying. If that's what you hear when listening to rap, draw your own conclusion.

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  • Ramiro
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    1 month ago

    Not really, some people still have dance offs. 💃

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Rappers are such thin-skinned individuals.

  • Anonymous
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