Should i stay in a job like this?

I started a new job last winter..was supposed to do 3months probation but then they extended it for a 4th month, where i was promised full time his review the manager wrote things that were hurtful such as i’m not sociable and i ask too many questions and don’t have lots of skills, but i’m a good employee apparently. That hurt me honestly cz i really tried hard to please him. Anyways, before the 4th month ended, all of a sudden the HR calls me and shocked me saying that they terminated my contract. She said that they’re having budget issues cz of covid. I told them i would be okay with being laid off and am open to come back once the position opens, they said they don’t know if they’ll ever open it again and harshly asked me to leave. I started tearing up asking if it was something i did, they said no i’m a great worker but cz of covid. I left devastated. A few months forward to september, i saw them post my position on indeed. I wondered why they didn’t call me and then decided to email the HR. She said she’ll discuss with the manager and let me know. A month passed by, and i thought they didn’t want me. But then HR calls asking if i can come in the next day, i said okay, maybe this time things be better. When i got there manager said a dry “Hi, welcome back!” then told a girl to show me what changed. Apparently they hired her full-time in my position just a month after i left. I felt so humiliated and frustrated. And to top that, i got yelled at by a supervisor.

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    Best you find another job.  They are never going to do the right thing and continue to walk all over you.  When an employer does this crap it is time to move on to a company that cares about all their employees.  Covid-19 was an excuse to get rid of you, they could not find anyone else so they called you back.  They are still looking and once they find someone else they are going to give you some BS reason to fire you.

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    You could wait a little bit and give this job another try. If nothing changes and you still get treated unfairly, then it's better to leave for good. If they don't appreciate all your efforts, what's the point to torture yourself every day? I know it can be difficult to find a job, but still, if you're unhappy which what you have, you should look for a better place.

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    Its never quite the same when you go back like that...

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    I personally don't think that you should stay in that job. Find a job that value its employees. It is very normal to ask questions when you don't understand or are having second thoughts on something. In my point of view, asking questions proves that you are very much willing to learn and is enthusiastic to your job. You can try freelancing or get a better job than what you have right now. You should not limit yourself and grab a better opportunity. Cheer up! You can do it!

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  • 1 month ago

    Known you're worth. Find another job, you don't deserve to be treated that way. Every worker even at the smallest position deserve to be treated well. Maybe the manager has some issues on himself.  Forget them and move forward.

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    1 month ago

    First of all your manager sounds unprofessional but, unfortunately, it's a common scenario that happens when someone is frustrated by your presence. It's not a sign that things are working out for you. 

    You can never ask too many questions especially if you don't understand something. It shows you're making an attempt to understand and learn how to do it the right way. This is probably what led to him saying you don't have a lot of skills since people who ask a lot of questions can often be perceived that way over someone who doesn't ask any questions at all and just gets the work done. It sounds like this is what he wanted in an employee and this is what most employers are seeking in an employee nowadays because they don't want to take a lot of time out of their busy day training you or answering questions. It interferes with them being able to get their own work done.

    It's very demeaning feeling like you were hired as sloppy seconds nobody wanted and it contributes nothing to your self-esteem as evidenced by your humiliation and frustration. You got burned once then threw yourself back into the same fire.

    You shouldn't have gone back expecting things to be better. Trust me things will NEVER be better unless they managed to hire all new people and change the company culture entirely. 

    Source(s): Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me.
  • John
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    1 month ago

    You seem to be derive some kind of satisfaction in the role of being a victim.  Despite claiming everyone is mean and hateful to you, you just keep coming back for more.  If it really is a toxic workplace, take control of your career and find a job in a decent company.  

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    thats up to you

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