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Is it appropriate to ask a breeder to lower a price on a puppy? ?

I’m currently looking at these puppies from a breeder. They are not pure bred and I being sold for $2,300-$2,500. There were 6 puppies in the litter and so far they have only sold one (the puppies will be 10 weeks old on Monday). Would it be appropriate for me to ask to negotiate the price? I don’t want to be insulting or look like I can’t provide for the dog. 

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    I got my puppy a little more than a year ago now he's 1year 8months from Pik A Pup kennel he was $1300  but originally $1500 they dropped the price dew to my mom's request he is a mix breed but now I found a dog for my self and I'm buying her today she's a mix breed too and she's emotional support trained. She's 3 years old but she's only $200 but I have to pay for her to me shipped to my house another $200 so more like $400. What I'm trying to say is your better off finding a dog for adoption rather that getting a dog that's 2k or more.

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    I wouldn't pay that much for a mutt

  • 1 month ago

    Puppy mill. Only interested in money. If they're not pure bred, then they are mongrels. Mongrels are either sold for 200 or given away or killed. 

    Ridiculous price. 

  • garry
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    1 month ago

    well no , you want the dog then you pay the full amount , quite simple isnt it .

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No! I will not lower the price, Amy. Now stop mentioning me on Yahoo Answers.

  • 1 month ago

     If they are not purebred they are from a back yard breeder and therefore not a real breeder... And of course it´s appropriate because they are selling mongrels simply....

  • 1 month ago

    I would look elsewhere.  This is a BYBer trying to rip you off with scams & lies.  Probably not worth more than a couple of hundred.  Back out of there, & run away as fast as you can.  Don't pay that much for a BYBed dog.  You can adopt the very same thing for far far far less than that BYBer is trying to screw you out of.  People who breed their pets are BYBers.  Be very careful who you buy from. & something much less expensive unless you are buying from a Reputable Breeder.

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    I paid a bit over half that last year for a purebred puppy with a Champion dam, Grand Champion Gold sire, full health screenings on both parents, BAER and CERF testing on the puppy. Anyone asking that price for a mixed breed dog is INSANE, they aren't worth more than the cost of vaccines. You can certainly offer less, but if you offer what they're actually worth, I promise they'll turn you down. Whoever produced these puppies clearly only cares about the money they can put in their pockets.

  • 1 month ago

    A puppy that isnt purebred is only worth $50-100.   Obviously this scammy breeder has an inflated idea of her mutts value however.

    Move on and find another breeder.

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    I wouldn't be buying one of those puppies at all.  You can buy a well bred purebred dog for that price who's Parents have had genetic health tests done and meet their breed standard, also having sound temperament of that breed.  WHY in the heck would ANYONE want to pay that for a mixed breed dog when you can get one for very cheep from a shelter or rescue group?  WHY?  The person who's selling these puppies is nothing more than a greedy Backyard Breeder who care about MONEY and nothing more.  I don't mean to be rude, but why would you want to fatten the bank account of a greedy person like this?

    You don't want to insult this breeder?  Insult away, as this breed IS AN INSULT to good and reputable breeders who actually work very hard on producing excellent quality and healthy puppies. (Purebred puppies, that is.)  If you really, REALLY must have on of these pups, I would offer them $100.00.  Actually no I wouldn't.  I wouldn't offer them anything.  I'd kick them to the curb in hopes they'd never breed again.

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