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Do dreams come true or are they only apart of our imagination when we sleep?

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    They are immagination. It's a coincidence if they come true.

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    There are seven "layers" of dreams, corresponding to energy activities; beyond those is the experience of the "second heaven" or the heaven that does not pass away.  Experiences in the second heaven may be stepped down to dream-generating layers e.g. wisdom center, knowledge center, Word of God center, and so on, where such retained second heaven Light weaves dreams that tend to come true.

    An example of prophetic dreams (i.e., not merely of the seven layers of "imagination," but firstly developed of heavenly Light and guidance):'s_dream...

    One with sincerity may begin to sleep with pure, loving thoughts and feelings (a function of prayer); if so, one's soul-field initially rises to the level of "Paradise," as Jesus stated to one thief crucified with Him.


    Watch Your Dreams, a useful exploration of the seven layers of dreams;

    The Masters and Their Retreats describes second heaven foci of instruction, kindness, healing, and the like; perhaps 10% of humankind are able to rise to this region of Light;

    The Master of Lucid Dreams describes one psychiatrist's encounter with an esoteric brotherhood of dream instruction, located in Samarkand.  

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    imagination ........

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