Differentiate philosophical inquiry from scientific inquiry.?

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  • 1 month ago

    I know what others will say but from a scientist's point of view you might find the following interesting.

    This is the great scientist Polanyi

    I hold that the propositions embodied in natural science are not derived by any definite rule from the data of experience, and that they can neither be verified nor falsified by experience according to any definite rule.

    Michael Polanyi

    No inanimate object is ever fully determined by the laws of physics and chemistry.

    Michael Polanyi

    So long as we use a certain language, all questions that we can ask will have to be formulated in it and will thereby confirm the theory of the universe which is implied in the vocabulary and structure of the language.

    Michael Polanyi

    " a series of observations which at one time were held to be important scientific facts, were a few years later completely discredited and committed to oblivion, without ever having been disproved or indeed newly tested, simply because the conceptual framework of science had meanwhile so altered that the facts no longer appeared credible."

    Michael Polanyi

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Metaphysical vs Physical. 

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