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Is this fair? (Fantasy football)?

I’m playing fantasy football, and some guy in our league actually dropped Keenan Allen for a kicker. Two days after dropping him he wants Allen back on his team. Well here’s the problem, he dropped Allen and he was still 1st in the waiver wire. I put a claim in for Allen and I was 4th in the waiver wire thinking no way I was going to get him, and I woke up this morning with Allen on my bench. Now the guy is crying that he lost Allen when if he put a claim in for him he would have automatically 

got him off waivers this morning. I got Allen fair and square because he forgot to put a claim in, and now the league manager is wanting to override it and put him back on the other guy’s team who dropped him. Can he do that? That seems unfair to me. I’m 1-4 and the guy crying about it is 4-1. 

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    1 month ago

    The fairest way to settle this would be by having a fist fight between you and the other guy.  The last person standing and conscious gets Allen.

  • 1 month ago

    It's not fair for the commissioner to restore Allen to the other team. If he doesw you shouldn't play in that league again. If he wanted to pick up a kicker without losing Allen, your league should have IR slots and he should have put Allen on IR.

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    "Can the league manager do that?".  He probably can.  Should he?  No, he shouldn't.

    But you play with random strangers in leagues where the level is "Guys are dropping Keenan Allen for kickers" and "people playing 5 years don't know how the waiver order works", and you'll get these things happening.

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